by "Grog" (Alan W. Grogono), Professor Emeritus, Tulane University Department of Anesthesiology
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Computing: Generating the Text Report

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Drag the Mouse to Obtain Report: The reports are designed to mimic those which a physician might write. Here, the report is presented in list format to make the structure easier to understand. These reports are identical to the ones on the Diagram Page but each sentence is broken into phrases.

Layout: The first line shows the Zone number. The second line shows the code sequence responsible for selecting the ten phrases which, between them, make up the assembled report:

  1. Comment about normality.
  2. Introductory phrase.
  3. Adjective for principle component.
  4. Principle component (resp or met).
  5. Direction of principle change - acid or alkaline.
  6. Linking phrase.
  7. Adjective for secondary component.
  8. Secondary component (resp or met).
  9. Direction of secondary change - acid or alkaline.
  10. Comment if change is typical.

More details about the diagram, its structure, and the mathematics used can be found in the section on Computing Methods.

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